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Menu photography Included

Mizani Media is developed with a number of advanced features including a responsive layout and sophisticated header area. Take advantage of a user selected opacity, sticky navigation area & animated scroll to content button.
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Social networks management

Utilize built in Fontawesome Icons along with 46 social icons to connect with your audience in more ways than one. Mizani Media makes customization easy with tons of options to give you tremendous control over the look of your website.
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Location and Custom Google Map photography Included

Responsive web design is slowly making its presence as standard practice versus design luxury which is why Mizani Media is packed with features including a responsive built-in slideshow with 3 different effects including a horizontal, vertical, and fade option.
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It’s More Than Just What We Do,
It’s How We Do It!

Introducing FindYourFeast.com
A revolutionary app, mobile, desktop,
HDTV web and print solution for bars & restaurants

Plug into a proven source of interactive success through our
exclusive All-In-One Platform. Let us be your dedicated partner on the Web. Rely on us to provide you with a full spectrum of business Internet marketing solutions, precisely engineered to meet your needs. We can develop and manage every phase of your
interactive marketing program with an
all inclusive package for the low price of only $1500. We leverage the latest technology, resources, tools, and consumer trends to maximize your return on investment. We also integrate you with 72 social networks and optimize our designs for use on all mobile platforms.

Because the success of our clients is so pivotal to our own
continued growth and vitality, we strive to deliver the highest level of service at every touch point. Achieve a new level of interactive
success with Mizani Media Multi Branding for restaurants & bars, utilizing our One Web Platform Suite.

Having a beautiful website is just the beginning.
Findyourfeast.com by Mizani Media works with our customers to design a marketing plan that meets their specific needs. We are our own harshest critic, continually fine-tuning each targeted Internet marketing plan to maximize results documented with detailed monthly reporting. Rely on us to add a rich new dimension to your Internet marketing campaign, and achieve extraordinary

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